Juan Towers is a human sexuality expert and the creator of The Nudes Guy. With a master’s degree in human psychology, Juan has a deep insight into the inner workings of the human mind. And what better way to put these talents to use than by extensively researching the internet's best nudes websites.


If you’re asking why such an accomplished man is behind a site like this, here’s a little story for you. Way back in 2015, when Juan was a fresh college grad, he stumbled onto a promising nudes site, as young men often do. He had just purchased a set of premium, top-quality nudes from a seemingly trustworthy nudes site.


Boy, was he wrong. He waited and waited for the nudes to be delivered, but they never came. Juan had to face the facts. He had been scammed.


Instead of letting this experience get him down, Juan was inspired to do something about it. Juan decided to make it his mission to review as many nudes websites as humanly possible. He knew that he had to do his part to make sure no unsuspecting college kid was ever scammed again.


Juan Towers now runs The Nudes Guy, a site dedicated to providing honest reviews on nudes sites and all things related. The Nudes Guy isn’t your average adult review website. Most adult review sites provide reviews that are mediocre at best.

Here at The Nudes Guy, each review comes from Juan himself. His background in psychology has given him the tools to conduct thorough research on every site. Each nudes site that he reviews is tried and tested so that you don’t have to do the work.


When Juan isn’t hard at work reviewing nudes sites, he loves to surf and hang out with his dog, Barkley. If you have a specific site you’d like him to review, you can reach out to Juan at hello@thenudesguy.com.


Enjoy the site!