So much has been said about virtual reality porn and how interesting it can take your sexual imagination to a different dimension. No truer word! The porn world has evolved significantly. Now we have a lot of sites offering VR porn to satisfy your sexual desire. 

There is so much for your selection that sometimes it becomes overwhelming. But do you want to know why things are getting better in VR porn? Check out SexLikeReal, and you will learn why.

SexLikeReal is breaking the constraints in the VR sites, offering the best among the best VR porn scenes from the top studios in the industry. A lot makes sense using SexLikeReal. But the fact they concentrate on the Asian niche makes it even better for most of us.

Here is my SexLikeReal experience!

SexLikeReal: Review

Being relatively new to the VR Porn industry, I surfed around some of the VR sites to see for myself. I can confidently tell you that SexLikeReal is one of the top contenders in the market. It has one of the best VR porn, all in one place, with high-quality virtual reality scenes from top studios in the industry. 

Well, quite all right that you could see some of its features being offered by other VR sites like VRPorn.com, but the features present here will blow your mind just like the ones you have seen. 

Yes! Let’s talk about its content. With SexLikeReal, you don’t need to worry about getting mouth-dropping sex videos. The studios contributing to what you see today on the site are from major VR porn sites. You have heard of VRBangers and BaDoinkVR, right? They are among the top VR porn sites with a massive contribution to what you see on SexLikeReal today.

Since the videos come from a variety of sites, you have an endless list of porn libraries all to yourself. They are lots of clean, nicely shaved pussy. They are also some hairy Asian pussy, blowjobs, anal, girl-on-girl. Still, there is also a long list of manly men with all-shaped bodies to get you to squirt as many times as possible. 

What more can you think! Is it the video quality? The video quality is immersed and available in 4K, 5K, and 6K. You would find most of their uploaded videos in 5K and 6K resolution. 

In fact, there are thousands of curated and original VR porn videos available for premium subscribers alongside a dedicated VR porn app. Did you hear me say VR porn app? Oh Yes! The SexLikeReal app helps you to facilitate the entire streaming process. 

It’s easy to use because you have a whole lot of sex videos compatible with the VR headset, including Windows MR, Gear, Oculus, Vive, and Daydream. Just click, and you are good to go.

SexLikReal: My Favorite Features

Here are hints of the good stuff that makes SexLikeReal stands out.

SexLikeReal App

Coming up with a mobile app was a whole new feature that made me fall in love with this site. I can do anything at any comfort I find myself. You can get it downloaded on your IOS and android device and enjoy at your convenience. 

With the app, you have access to 24 full-length scenes for free. It’s intuitive and easy to use. The app does all the heavy lifting and configuration to suit any headset available. You can choose to sync the app to your fleshlight launch to make it more realistic. Just look for the thumbnail icon, and you are good to go.

They also have the best-selling scene icon. The apps and the sex movies are compatible with numerous headset devices like Windows MR, Gear, Oculus, Vive, and Daydream.

Live VR Chat Option

Do you want to go nasty? Take it all the way down to the chatbox with some of the hottest models in the industry. Right in the Live VR chat, you have a free chatbox where you have the models clothed. Well, let me say half-clothed and erotically ready to get down to business. 

You can also see a private chat, but this one is specifically for premium users where the hardcore actions happen. It comes with a special request and a price tag. Remember to pour it out all raw to whichever model accepted your request. 

Visual Quality

I don’t do well with videos of poor quality, and I think the same applies to everyone. It really sucks watching porn and not getting a clear view of the penetration. Rather, let me say, a blurry erotic move from the girls. 

The video quality of SLR is the main draw of its premium subscribers. The sex videos are available in 60FPS and 90FPS to give you clear visuals and sound. However, you may see some in 50FPS. But most of the videos, especially for the premium subscribers, are in 60FPS and above.

Free Videos and Option to Purchase Individually

You like what you see, but how do you confirm it meets your taste? Well, it’s simply by trying it out. The cool thing about the SLR site is that you can sign up for free and get access to 6 free videos. It’s a way of assuring you of good quality if you need to continue with the site. 

But let’s say you want more. You can opt to either purchase videos individually, which come at $1-$15, or purchase a membership plan. Whether monthly or yearly, a membership plan unlocks the entire collection for you to enjoy.

How SexLikeReal Works

For obvious reasons, SLR opened rooms for everyone to have a glance at what they offer. You don’t need to register. However, if you need to have tip models or have an endless time watching hot and beautiful girls across several countries, you would need registration.

To register, you have three options available. One is free, which allows you to make your choice of either committing to the site or not. The other two require a purchase––by purchasing a token or a membership plan. Either token or membership plan gives you access to numerous features and videos.

SexLikeReal Price Options and Bonuses

To start enjoying what SexLikeReal has to offer, you can either purchase a token or purchase a membership plan. Both are well priced compared to most premium sites. 

To get a token, sign up and buy a token of choice. Token ranges from 100 to 9000, and they come at varying prices, with a 100 token costing $12. If you purchase a token from 500 to 3000, you get a 5% discount. 3000 to 9000 get 8% discounts.

It is important to note that this token doesn’t grant you access to movies. You can only use them to tip models or have private chats. If you need to watch the full sex videos SRL has to offer, you need to purchase any of the membership plans. 

The membership plans are either monthly, yearly, or lifetime. A monthly plan can cost you $29.99, and an annual can be billed at $239.99 or 19.99 plus 100 free tokens. And a lifetime toke can cost you $699.99. 

You have options to pay with either a visa, master card, or PayPal or via cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or Ethereum. 


Easy to use SLR app

Impressive daily update schedule

Unlimited time in a free open room full of nudity

Robust database of sex videos of all category

Produces original videos


Limited number of time for chats

Quite expensive to purchase a membership plan

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