VRFuck Dolls

For all of my creative and horny friends reading this, this game is for you. VRFuckdolls has taken everything you love about porn and virtual reality and created an insanely fun game. Essentially, VRFuckdolls lets you create your dream woman and have all types of naughty fun with her. If you enjoy video games that allow you to build detailed avatars, VRFuckdolls will be right up your alley.

VRFuckdolls is an online Flash game and in my experience, it’s pretty fast. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the game handled well and didn’t crash while I was playing. The graphics are absolutely top-notch so you won’t be disappointed. Overall, I would definitely recommend this adult online game to anyone who likes simulation and virtual reality games.

VRFuckdolls Gameplay

Here’s where things get fun. In order to play VRFuckdolls, you do need VR glasses. This makes the game a fully immersive experience that I absolutely love. As I said before, VRFuckdolls starts out with the player building their dream girl. There are hundreds of combinations to be discovered.

If you love busty blondes, you can have that. Or maybe you like tanned brunettes with big booties. You can have that too. Any type of woman you can think of, you can build on VRFuckdolls. Once you create your virtual woman, you can start the naughty activities. There are hundreds of insane sex positions to explore with your VRFuckdoll.

Best Features on VRFuckdolls

Premade fuckdolls: If you are not the type to spend time building a custom fuckdoll, you can choose from one of their many premade dolls and jump right into the virtual sex. You will see right away that the virtual women on this game are all supermodel status.

Erotic scenarios: There are countless virtual erotic scenarios that you can enjoy on VRFuckdolls. Choose from tons of sex positions and locations and experience some of the raunchiest gameplay online. You get to build and direct a sex scene exactly how you see fit.

VR Fuckdolls Pricing

VRFuckdolls is a monthly subscription for $15 per month. This pricing is about middle-of-the-road when it comes to high-end adult games.  I will admit this isn’t the cheapest option in the world, but it’s an extremely rewarding game.


Build your dream girl

Hundreds of sex positions


You need a VR headset to play

It can get expensive

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